Qualastat Electronics, Inc.

Professional Interconnection Systems, Since 1986

Cable Assemblies
Molded, Coaxial, Ribbon, Conduit,
and Much More
In it's 25 plus years, Qualastat has built, virtually, every type of cable assembly that its customer's electrical and mechanical engineers can conceive. The more complex and challenging the design, the more competitive we are. We perform our own braiding and blow on our own jacket for cost-effective support of prototyping and small production runs.

Below is a more in-depth look at a few of these classes of cable assembly.

Molded Cable Assemblies

Polyurethane molded cable assemblies is a true bread-and-butter product for Qualastat. Our proprietary process is cost efficient and results in a high-quality mold. We can mold connector transitions, breakouts, and an entire assembly from connector to connector. Molded assemblies enhance strain relief, environmental protection, and reliability. In addition to polyurethane, we mold with epoxy and rubber.

Braided Cable Assemblies

 Braided Cable Assemblies are an excellent choice, when a requirement for high flexibility and abrasion resistance exists. Nylon, Dacron, Kevlar, Nomex, or other synthetic are readily available for harness applications. These materials provide excellent protection and are lightweight.

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Coaxial cable assemblies are manufactured using state of the art stripping and crimping equipment and tooling. Tight Tolerances are maintained ensuring that impedance remains at acceptable values. The coax cable used depends on the electrical properties required: as well as the application environment.